2017-2018 Season

by Agatha Christie

An announcement in the local paper states the time and place when a murder is to occur in Miss Blacklock’s Victorian house. What follows is a classic Agatha Christie puzzle of mixed motives, concealed identities, a determined Inspector grimly following the twists and turns and Miss Marple on hand to provide the final solution.

OCTOBER 18 - 22, 2017

By Norm Foster

Jenny’s House of Joy is a brothel in Kansas in the 1880s. Jenny has too many customers and now one of her “employees” has run off to get married. She needs a new girl immediately before the next cattle drive moves through Baxter. Along comes a new woman who thinks she has what it takes to work at Jenny’s – she is pretty, sexy and smart… perhaps a bit too smart … and a bit too ambitious.

November 8 -12, 2017


By A.R. Gurney

“The Dining Room” lets audiences eavesdrop on the comings and goings in one room over the span of fifty years. The dining room where birthday parties, celebrations, dinners and holidays occur is the perfect setting for such discovery. Watch eight actors play 50 roles in 18 scenes! This Pulitzer Prize nominated play is humorous, meaningful, witty and touching. 

January 10 - 14, 2018


“THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND” by Tom Stoppard - Feuding theatre critics Moon and Birdboot, the first a fusty philanderer and the second a pompous and vindictive second stringer, are swept into the whodunit they are viewing. This is a hilarious spoof of Agatha Christie! 


BLACK COMEDY by Peter Shaffer - A young sculptor arranges an evening at home with guests ... and then the lights fail! A classic farce which occurs during a blackout. The play begins in complete darkness and then when the blackout occurs the stage is then illuminated. Hilariously, the characters are seen shambling around by the audience but invisible to one another. 

February 7 - 11, 2018

By John Arco

Private Eye Jake Chapel is hired by the seductive Grace to find her missing ravenous twin sister Angel who was last known to be ‘torching’ in the nightclub of the infamous and dangerous Frankie D. Time is of the essence as his late partner’s widow daunts him, the crooked cops taunt him and long lost love haunts him to find not only the girl but a stolen precious jade. Will an alcoholic sax player be able to help him? Will he learn who the killer in the alley way was? Will he know why a murder? Will Jake’s case be solved? 

March 7 - 11, 2018